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Tyrania - Visual Novel (STEAM)

"The world where I live in is a world ravaged by crime and terrorism..."

In a world where the government prioritizes war instead of safety, where crime and terrorism go out of control in every single country. One day, Edo is given the power to control technology itself. The 2 most powerful nations, realizing the potential threat to their stability, will try to seize his ability for their own goals. However, with his own set of ideals, Edo will join the conflict that has torn the world apart for decades and unknowingly, will change the course of mankind’s history forever... With an ideal about Justice and Vengeance, Edo plans a purge of criminals and terrorists, believing he is doing the right thing for society. Unfortunately, as his plans start to flourish, he is slowly isolated from the ones he loves, forcing him to question society’s morals and rethinking what is right and what is wrong...

In this dark and cruel world, life is fading away, promises are broken, but hope survives in the mind, and love in the heart...

Two nations, Two Ideals
One world, One Justice

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Wow... this visual novel is truly unique. The story, the characters, the art. All so well written. I recommend this to everyone, even to those who don’t usually read visual novels. The writer touches a topic many writers stay away from, morality. This visual novel will definitely MAKE YOU THINK. 

Easily a 5/5.

Thank you I'm grateful :)

Tyrania is an, interesting visual novel. Touching on a theme I don't think one of this genre has before. Opression thru tyranny and, what would one do to stop such a thing? I do like the art style although I do have to admit I wish it were a little more detailed. The bgm fits well with the flow of the game and, am enjoying the story so far!

YESSSS thank you very much for the comment :)

I will definitely be following your videos from now on!


I just finished playing the game yesterday XD. I can't helped but pointing out your writing was incredible! Honestly speaking this visual novel is a rare gem in this visual novel community. I love how your characters are alive to fight their own ideals and give the readers some hidden perspective of our world today (that is happening around us.) It's true every reign be it democracy or tyranical, it got their own pros and cons. It really opened up my eyes a little bit. 

I really hope more people will play this visual novel. And enjoy what I enjoy. Thanks for making this! ‹3


Aww I really appreciate it when someone posts a warm comments like you :) Makes me want to write more!

Nice artwork

Thank you very much! :)

Hi there! Tyrania seems really promising and I'm excited to play it. XD I'm having trouble running the programme and my computer says there's a missing component that cannot be found in the unzipped file. 

It says that "d3dx9_37.dll" is missing from my computer. I've tried redownloading the game but the same error occurs. :(  Is there any possible way for me to remedy this? 

First of all, I am terribly sorry for posting so late XD

In order to fix the problem, you simply need to install the latest version of directX. If it doesn't work, ask me for help and I'll be glad to answer you :)

Is the game only compatible with Windows 8 and up? I have the latest directX installed on my computer (Windows 7- directX11) so I'm not sure what the problem is... the missing component error won't disappear.

If you have the lastest version of directX for your windows then there shouldn't be a problem. Did you make sure to keep the files together after you've extracted them in a new folder? The application file "Tyrania" or any of the other files inside the zip should always be together in a folder.